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Creating a space for ideas to Foster & grow, feeding social change and inspiring new concepts in business to be brought to life through our collaborative stories.

- touched by CIFLI -

Why We Exist.

We believe in making an efficient and sustainable impact on society as a whole, through goal oriented connections and cooperatives. We want to engage with other like-minded people and help other social entrepreneurs create reliable solutions. 

Cifli Logo All White_edited.png


As part of the CiFli family, you will connect with a variety of other service oriented businesses. We can help channel your vision with our resources to create a blueprint for success! Using our “profit for purpose” business model we can show you how to “Do Good, For Profit.” You too can serve charity better by being profitable, and we can show you how.


For us, it’s all about action and interaction.
That’s why we are on a mission as ambassadors for change.

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